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Denver and Boulder: FEB 9-13 Valentine's special!
Feb 12-13th I have some Valentine's specials! I just came back from an amazing healing journey as I swum alone with the wild dolphins. I witnessed in awe of their healing power and of their transference of energy. I would love to share this transference with you, as well as how to access this powerful joyful loving energy. The dolphins are also the most sexual active species, and they have sex just for fun. And my specialty, the undulation practice, has much of the same movements as they display! Are you longing to awaken your pure Bliss with Your Own Beloved Body, or with your partner? Learn powerful new tools! I will add an extra 30 mins to ea session with this offer for these dates!
Feb 9, 2010
Tantra and Water Massage in Denver: Wed and Fri
I am back from a most wonderful trip in Hawaii. I got the privilege to meet with wild dolphins alone snorkeling. And indeed, as they are known for their healings, I felt a huge heart opening which has still stayed with me. I am still in awe of this powerful beautiful experience. I was also lucky to swim with the whales... yes, you heard that correct. That was also an expansive experience. If you want some of this juice, come and see me... ;). I will be in Denver tomorrow Wed (just one more opening) and Fri from 1pm-7pm. Capitol Hill area. I also have access to a beautiful private pool for Watsu/ Agua Alma (warm water massage). See my web site for more info.. Looking very much forward to see you!
Feb 9, 2010
A. Golden Fire coming to Chicago this Mon 11/23-27
Coming to Chicago Mon. Nov. 23 till Fri Nov.27.
Nov 21, 2009
Amara is coming for Sacred Sexuality sessions!
Amara is coming for a visit to Boulder/Denver! For more info.: http://TempleofTantra.com/Amara.html
Oct 24, 2009
This Fri night + Shaman Sacred Sexuality +
Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality 'Mini' Seminar Friday evening April 18, 2008 7 pm & Saturday April 19, 2008 10 am – 6 pm Free Evening Preview: Shamanic De-Armoring Sunday April 20, 2008 4-7 pm Contact: Karen Lightning Spirit at 480-443-1127 or email SwMedicineQ@cox.net
Apr 14, 2008
Feb 15-16: Healthy Relationships - Agreements...
Note that they need RSVP by Jan. 31st! (Perhaps ok with couple of days later?).
Jan 31, 2008
Boulder: Sat Dec 22: Winter Solstice Sound/Dance/
A. Golden Fire Snake www.TempleofTantra.com
Dec 14, 2007