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TANTRA SPECIALS! > Reminder:TONIGHT - Heart Rhythm Breath! 6/23 7pm.
Reminder:TONIGHT - Heart Rhythm Breath!  6/23 7pm.

Jun 17, 2008

Applied Meditation Founders are coming to Boulder!
Free Preview and Experience: Mon June 23rd 7pm.
Energize Your Heart and info about the Abode Summer Retreat etc.!

"Energize Your Heart is an important, practical book that reminds us all of the inherent connection between the rhythm of the breath and our heart; when the two are in harmony, we're able to meet the challenges of life with ease and compassion." Dr. Christine Page, MD, Frontiers of Health

"The heart is a hologram of the individual. Energize Your Heart provides the framework for you to integrate the multidimensional energetic power of your heart." Dr. Norm Shealy, MD, 90 Days to Self-Healing

How Does One Live from the Heart?
And what does that mean?
In this time of uncertainty, there is one source of confidence and absolute trust: your heart.
As politicians debate strategies for global challenges and exploit our fear, our real source of power is in our hearts.
To combat depression or anxiety, only the heart can restore the natural optimism we need to face life.
You have a unique purpose in your life which your mind can't imagine, but which is known by your heart.
Through your heart you are connected to every being, able to read and move every heart.
Where can the religions, cultures and peoples of the world unite? Only in the heart.

What Is Heart Rhythm Meditation All About?
There is a transition occurring throughout the world, a movement from the mind to the heart.
Beyond the difficulties of this transition time lies a promise of global love, harmony and beauty.
Heart Rhythm Meditation has proved to be the most effective technique for increasing Heart Rate Variability, a measure of the heart's influence and power.
With HRM you can access the guidance and courage of your heart, to prepare you for the role you are destined to perform in representing the heart of humanity.
There is no other method like it.
You will learn to actually feel your heartbeat and radiate light and energy from your chest.
You will overpower heart arrhythmia, improve circulation and reduce disease risk.
With HRM, you will radiate measurable waves of peace, joy and love.

On Monday evening, June 23rd, 7 - 9 PM in Boulder
Puran and Susanna Bair, authors of the two books that define the method of Heart Rhythm Meditation with practical results for health, relationships and accomplishments -- Living from the Heart and Energize Your Heart -- will offer a free evening presentation and meditation.
Come and meet them and learn the method that lets you practice the way of the heart in life.
And hear more about their upcoming Summer Retreat and other programs!
Light foods and refreshments will be served.
Call for directions at 303.938.1000 - Boulder location.

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What Do Others Say About HRM?
"Living From the Heart is a river, exquisitely gentle. It carries the tremendous blessing brought to consciousness by heart-masters. I'll be going back to it again and again for a long time." Coleman Barks, The Essential Rumi
"Over the years, Living from the Heart is the one book I have recommended more than any other for exploration into the endless mystery of the heart. You will find science, poetry and inspiration, and much more, in these pages. I know this book will forever enhance the meaning and enjoyment of your life." Dr. James L. Oschman, Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis
"I've used HRM to lower my blood pressure to the point of reducing the medication I take for it, stave off migraine headaches, and to quiet heart arrhythmia when I'm stressed or overtired. I've healed many childhood wounds, and restored optimism to my life. I feel a deep sense of peace, harmony and gratitude now that I've been able to find my life's work, and a deeper connection to my faith than I've ever had at any time of my life." Ronnie Howell
"I feel that Heart Rhythm Meditation has saved my life, prevented a heart attack and stroke, as I am diabetic with high blood pressure. After each Heart Rhythm session I feel calmer and rejuvenated. It has always worked and I am very grateful for its impact in my life. It has provided me with a new lease on life, a more complete and fulfilled perspective on what life and living is all about, and a greater ability to be more productive and functional in my average daily life." Jim Cumming, teacher, former Army captain
"The Bairs helped me open the doorway to my unconscious power through Heart Rhythm Meditation. Daily, I use that power in meetings and all my business affairs. My successes have flowed from my heart. Yours can, too." John Humphrey, 1998 Chairman, American Society for Training and Development and Founder of the Forum Corporation