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Bliss SPECIALS! > Feb 15-16: Healthy Relationships - Agreements...
Feb 15-16: Healthy Relationships - Agreements...

Jan 31, 2008

Join us in Boulder for this event. Based in the Quodoushka
teachings, we'll apply this sacred knowledge to explore
relationship agreements and how they empower and support
the individuals and the health of the relationship.

Creating Agreements for Healthy Relationships

Feb. 15-16, 2008

Friday 7- 10 pm, Saturday 10 am – 6 pm


An authentic and candid conversation- Gain tools to
strengthen existing relationships and create new
relationships; Harvest your wisdom that is the fruit of
experience. Designed to deepen knowledge of how to walk
your talk with integrity for those whom are single or in
committed relationships, open to all. No prerequisite

Please make your commitment before January 31st. Fill out
and send in the attached registration form. If you have any
questions, please feel free to email or call.

many blessings,

Karen Lightning Spirit &
Elizabeth Spinning Star Dancer

Sweet Medicine Lodge

Lodge Leader: Karen Lightning Spirit began her
apprenticeship on the Sweet Medicine Sundance path in 1984,
after experiencing her first Quodoushka. She found
knowledge that spoke directly to what she had always
imagined, but had not experienced. Free-thinking
individuality with responsibility...a way to be that was
authentic. A gifted teacher, Karen shares her passion for
living fully. She guides others with her heartfelt manner
to awaken their freedom and express their naturalness as a
vibrant and alive being. She has facilitated seminars in
the U.S. and Europe. Karen runs a shamanic supplies store
in Scottsdale, called Sweet Medicine Shoppe.

Assistant Lodge Leader: In 1997, Elizabeth Spinning Star
Dancer encountered these ancient teachings. Touched by the
practical knowledge of how to create a life in balance, she
became an apprentice to the Sweet Medicine SunDance path
soon after. A natural foods chef, Elizabeth brings her
passion and creativity from the kitchen to her teaching.
She feels blessed to share these teachings and create
opportunities for others to learn, heal and transform.