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Amara is coming for Sacred Sexuality sessions!

Oct 24, 2009


If you get this twice, I apologize! As the heading to the newsletter was completely wrong! (I still don't know how that happened!).

We have the privilege of having Sacred Sexuality Guide and Healer Amara, visiting us here in Boulder/Denver area!

You can also have sessions with us together.

She is also a dear friend. Her energy is absolutely delightful, sensual and warm. Indeed claimed her Shakti in an open beautiful way!

She is also a highly trained massage therapist.

Let her bring you to your Ecstatic Self or learn new things about yourself or your partner.
You will gain a new-found knowledge not just understood in the mind but felt in the body…

You deserve a session with her, or even perhaps with the both of us.

For more info. about her, go to:

A. Golden Fire