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This Fri night +  Shaman Sacred Sexuality +

Apr 14, 2008

Dear Ones,

We are lucky again that the teacher's are coming to Boulder. This is truly a deep and fun seminar!

Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality 'Mini' Seminar
Friday evening April 18, 2008 7 pm & Saturday April 19, 2008 10 am – 6 pm

Free Evening Preview: Shamanic De-Armoring
Sunday April 20, 2008 4-7 pm

They will be in Boulder April 18, 19 & 20 sharing teachings from the Quodoushka, and offering a preview of Shamanic De-Armoring.

Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality 'Mini' Seminar
Boulder, CO
Friday April 18, 2008 7- 10 pm,
Saturday April 19, 2008 10 am – 6 pm
For new students and Q Graduates. An opportunity to learn and grow as we explore sacred sexuality teachings and exercises, dialogue, aswert questions, dance and rejoice in our individual sensuality. For those of you who are new to the Quodoushka teachings, this is an experiential introduction that offers a taste of the full Quodoushka 1 Weekend. For Q graduates, this is an chance to reconnect with this sacred knowledge, deepen your understanding and strengthen your practice.
We will create a sacred space wherein you will make good healthy agreements and speak your boundaries. You will learn (or gain practice) and experience the Fire Breath, a breathing technique that brings the body into full orgasm with no genital focus.
Facilitators: Karen Lightning Spirit
assisted by Elizabeth Spinning Star Dancer

Please RSVP or request further info by contacting Karen Lightning Spirit at 480.443.1127 or e-mail SwMedicineQ@cox.net .

Free Evening Preview: Shamanic De-Armoring
Boulder, CO
Sunday April 20, 2008 4-7 pm
Come learn about Shamanic De-Armoring, a profound healing process utilizing pleasure to transform the cellular imprinting of pain held within your body. Shamanic De-armoring awakens you to deeper levels of sensitivity, awareness and connection. For more information on dearmoring, see www.ShamanicDeArmoring.com

Please RSVP - To register for the Preview and get directions please confirm your attendance with Karen Lightning Spirit at
480-443-1127 or email SwMedicineQ@cox.net