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TANTRA SPECIALS! > Touch - Deepen Connection Playshop: Thu Dec 20.
Touch - Deepen Connection Playshop: Thu Dec 20.

Dec 14, 2007

Communication In Touch Playshop: How To Deepen Connection -
Dec 20, 6:30-9:30pm. In Boulder city, place TBA.

View flyer: http://www.TempleofTantra.com/events.html

Have you ever had a massage that seemed to miss the

* You may have a great partner or massage
therapist, but somehow something gets missed.
* Or maybe you are on the table wishing the other
person would work on a certain spot but it seems too hard
to explain so you stay silent.
* Or maybe you have an untrained partner who tries
their best but can't seem to get it right.

We can help! The Communication In Touch Playshop is
all about having what you want. Unlike many massage
classes, the focus is on how the receiver can communicate
clearly and with minimum effort so they are touched exactly
the way they want.

We are A Golden Fire Snake and Daka Rose and are
both experienced bodyworkers and tantra teachers. In this 3
hour evening, we will take people through an exploration of
the varieties of touch, but more importantly we will teach
several different methods of feedback, from linear verbal
to holographic energetics. People will come away with new
responses that will allow them to guide their partner
easily and naturally to what they want.

You are welcome to come alone and partner you up
(though let us know beforehand.) And we will create
healthy boundaries. This is not a sexually explicit
workshop. You can remain fully clothed as well.

$20 Per individual prepaid ($30 only per pair)
$25 Per individual at the door ($40 per pair)
Space is limited. Rsvp soon!

Any sexual orientation is welcome.

A Golden Fire Snake
A was born and raised in Norway, a quite sexually
liberated country. Sexual Tantra, or sacred sexuality, was
a very natural path for her, and it became delightful for
her to teach how to feel more natural, open and have more
delight with their sexuality and their bodies. She has been
involved in holistic healing since 1987. And studided the
white Tantric Path for 10 years and the Red (sexual) for 9
Her background is in NLP Wellness Coaching, Embodywork and
Agua Alma Water Works. And she is an avid student of the
Quodoshka (shamanic sacred sexulity) as well as the tao
sexual practices. She specializes working with women and
couples, but also love to work with men.
She is forming a Sacred Sexual Touch School with Daka
303 888 2112

Another tantric Solstice event Sat. Dec. 22, see:
-- scroll down the page.

Daka Rose
Mead was originally trained to teach in the Ipsalu
school of Tantra. He spent more than 20 years as a massage
therapist using Neuromuscular Therapy, Acupressure,
Rolfing, Polarity and Triggerpoint, before he discovered
Tantra. Subsequently he supplemented his skills with the
deep pelvic work of Jack Painter and sexual healing work
taught by Charles and Caroline Muir. He has extensive
understanding of both physical anatomy and the energetic
body as well as male/female dynamics. He teaches Qigong and
brings that energy to his bodywork.
He is forming a Sacred Sexual Touch School with A.
720 436 5133

RSVP to either one of us.
PayPal and credit cards accepted.

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