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 "Wilhelm Reich was right. 90% of all disease can be cured by orgasm."

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I had the most wonderful session with Ama. She is an incredibly gifted bodyworker, creating a safe, comfortable, and beautiful held space for intimate work to be done. She was able to masterfully help me overcome an issue that I had been struggling with my entire life in just one session. I felt at ease the entire time and filled with such joy and peace by the end. Thank you so so much! I can't wait to continue working with you and your wealth of knowledge. I had the most wonderful session with Ama. She is an incredibly gifted bodyworker, creating a safe, comfortable, and beautiful held space for intimate work to be done. She was able to masterfully help me overcome an issue that I had been struggling with my entire life in just one session. I felt at ease the entire time and filled with such joy and peace by the end. Thank you so so much! I can't wait to continue working with you and your wealth of knowledge. 

Alison Shea, CO


You were incredibly warm and understanding from the
first moment we met. I've never felt so comfortable
with someone so soon. I was amazed by how much I
enjoyed and learned from our session. I never could have expected a couple of hours filled with so much.
...It was probably the most valuable couple of hours I've ever lived.
J.B. Denver, CO

In my first meeting with her, I was transformed. She took the time to first understand my context and my expectations for our work together, and from there I quickly could go to next level. At one point in our session, I was moved to tears; in another, I experienced the release of kundalini. A. is clearly a gifted teacher and guide. There is much more I hope to learn from and experience with her.

G. Denver, CO

A's work is sensitive and deep. She creates a very safe setting for her sessions and is able to facilitate healing that goes beyond the limitations of most physical therapy sessions. My experience with A. allowed me to release much stress and tension in a very natural and fluid way and left me with a sense of solid groundedness and calm.
Martina Hoffmann, Boulder, CO

When I was guided to A., I truly didn't understand much about the power of tantric healing and A's special gifts.  A. spent time helping me by giving me an understanding the art of this beautiful form of healing and supported me in opening up to the possibilities of how this could transform my experience.  She then explained how this process works on a spiritual level to clear energies that have created blocks to spiritual growth and development.

My personal experience was miraculous.  During our session, I was aware of A.'s transforming into a healing angel and creating a space of peace and love so that healing could occur.  Tears flowed from my eyes as I released fears and concerns that were previously holding me hostage.  I experienced a very powerful sense of love, acceptance, support, compassion and peace.  Since returning back into my life, I often connect back with the session with A. to remind myself of the healing that occurred in that moment and continues to this day.   From my own personal experience I would passionately recommend A. as compassionate, powerful, healer.
Eileen, CA.
Thank you for one of the most incredible experiences of our married life…
You were so warm and tender with us.  You gave us tools for life.  Our time we spent with you was both informative, sensual and mind opening.

We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our time with you on Friday.  We have been smiling ever since.
Helene and I immediately went back to the hotel and practiced all
afternoon, again in the morning and again and again.
We will be back in Boulder and will look to you to teach us more.
Helene and William, N.Y.

It's rare that I can recommend a dakini with as many qualifications as she A. Golden.
Very early on in my own professional teachings and instructions I would hear from various parties inquiring about an apt tantrika to study with. One physician went so far as to ask, "Are there any that aren't total basket cases?" The sad thing thing was I was hard pressed to think of one at the time. But that was many years ago and long before A. Golden appeared in my life. Not only is she physically beautiful and intelligent but she has a feminine knowing and determination that surpasses all of her peers. As in any therapy there are those who are just playing games and then there are those who simply just are meant to be doing what  they do.  A. Golden, thankfully, is completely and perfectly the latter.
It is my supreme pleasure to recommend her to all those contemplating the Tantric Path.
You are in golden bodhisattva hands.
Michael the Red

I've experienced many profound breakthroughs in your sessions and in my life after starting seeing you.
Tom, CO

I enjoyed the session very much and have a sincere interest in continuing as I feel very confident that you are an interesting and effective teacher.  You have a unique gift that I enjoy and I will grow from.
K.S. Denver, CO

You truly are a gifted healer as well as a beautiful person with a beautiful soul.  It was good on several levels. I actually feel that the tension and blockages in my heart are opening  up some. I had so much energy yesterday, I was buzzing all day!  It was nice to feel the good energy that permeates the home. I'm looking forward to further healing work.
D.S., Denver, CO
You were very patient and I felt your love coming through. It was really something.
I think you are very, very beautiful.
I did feel some breakthroughs.
All in all, yesterday was a big success. I really learned a lot.
With love,

...some emotions came up, then I felt really light the whole day after the sessions!
I really enjoyed the session and you are very beautiful inside and out.
Gary D., CO

This session felt like 15 hours of talk therapy!
Sandra P., CO

Your gentleness, presence and ability to hold a sacred space is remarkable and a source of deep healing.  I am grateful to have met you and look forward to our further meeting.
Chai, CO

In my 61 years of active loving relationships, I had never thought I was going to expereince something so different!  I have never experienced anything like it!  You are very good A.!
Mike, Denver, CO

It was a very deep, beautiful and touching experience!
Maragarita and Joanne, Tucson, AZ (filming of the New Sacred Prostitute)

A. is one of the most remarkable coaches I know.  She has a beautiful, coherent energy and the ability to help others experience the extraordinary.  Her understanding of the creation and movement of energy is extraordinary. She is a joy!
Ken, Denver, CO

I expereinced a genuine peace after our session and it has stayed with me, even now, while I am at my parents' home.  I would like to do another session.  I feel there is more to learn.  I also found your intuetive piece intriguing and I am curious about what else you can see.
Stephanie, Boulder, CO

You are one of the most true and remarkable Tantra teacher's I have encountered!  (I was very disappointed in a few of them).
Paul L., Denver CO

I am still processing the experience, as it was unlike anything that I had previously experienced.  You did an amazing job introducing me to the potential of tantra. A. --you are a truly powerful and extraordinary healer.  Thank you for sharing your talents with me.  I hope to be in Denver and see you again soon.
Michael S., Boston, MA

You inspired me to deal with my alcoholism!  And now I am sober.
Thank you!
Dan, CO

Wow - I am feeling like my whole body is electric! 
Paul, Boulder, CO

This is amazing!  I hoped I could have learned this earlier in my life.
Timothy, Centennial, CO

First let me say it was a real pleasure to meet you.  You were very kind and understanding, not to mention helpful, and I felt really good when I left.  I was very calm and relaxed and felt very serene.
K.M., Los Angeles

I was actually seeing things (but how could I?) even though my eyes were closed.  I could see a morning sunrise through very red cloud cover, but it seemed as though I was seeing this through a violet screen.  (Very strange.)  And at one point I remember seeing with my hand your abdomen (and it was a solid wall of muscle...my god!), and through sensing your solar plexus, I swear I could see your face, and the calm but focused look in your eyes as you administered your gift.
T., IL

I feel great energy and warmth from your hands.  And a clairvoyant said to me that she saw recent positive changes of my aura and my chakras after you had been working with me.
Don, Longmont,CO

A. has been a friend and student of mine for over 6 years. During this time I have witnessed the love, dedication, devotion and discipline that she has given to her path as a teacher of intimacy, sacred sexuality, relationship, and health.
Her heart is huge and full of love, her playfulness and joy for life are contagious, and her depth of knowledge is constantly growing and expanding.
All of her attributes and abilities provide a wonderful opportunity for individuals who are interested in their own personal growth to engage with her as their facilitator in their journey of transformation.
Dr. Juliana Dahl

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