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Tantra and Water Massage in Denver: Wed and Fri

Feb 9, 2010

Dear Ones,

I am back from a most wonderful trip in Hawaii.
I got the privilege to meet with wild dolphins alone snorkeling. And indeed, as they are known for their healings, I felt a huge heart opening which has still stayed with me. I am still in awe of this powerful beautiful experience.
I was also lucky to swim with the whales... yes, you heard that correct. That was also an expansive experience.

If you want some of this juice, come and see me... ;).

I will be in Denver tomorrow Wed (just one more opening) and Fri from 1pm-7pm. Capitol Hill area.

I also have access to a beautiful private pool for Watsu/ Agua Alma (warm water massage). See my web site for more info..

Looking very much forward to see you!

Go to http://www.TempleofTantra.com and click on Booking/Calendar to book.