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Tantra in London
Sacred Sexuality



Healing and Coaching and Body Centered Healing Therapy.


LONDON February 9 - March 14  2012



Please email me this FORM, click here

You could try to call me, but you must still provide me with the details in the form. 

The temple I am working with in London:
07784 309 637 or email tantric_bookings@live.co.uk

My U.S. number works as text while in London. Country code is +1.

or   303-Ojoyful (656.9385)


I accept VISA, Mastercard and PayPal.  Prefer cash.

I most of the time require a hold on a credit card (this is NOT a charge), or see notes beneath.
($100 fee pr. hr for cancellations if inside 24 hrs.).


If the email form doesn't work for your email system, then email me: Amahata at  gmail.com.
And fill this out:

1. ALL the time frames you can see me (i.e.: 12/03: 10am-4:40pm and 12/05: 6-9pm. etc.). (My usual hours are 10am-10pm):

 2. Length of session?

3. What is your intention (focus) for the session?

4. Incall or outcall?  (Sometimes I do outcall, and there might be a fee.  Make sure I am in your area). 

5.  a)Your ph #, (with any instructions), for me to call you to do the hold on your card etc.. IF not, please provide me with any of the following:

b) A therapist's ph #, which you have seen more then once (and I can actually verify).
c) Ph # to your work where I can get a hold of a secretary.

6. Which city is this for?

Please note if you only give me ONE time frame, or a time frame where I cannot see you, do get back to me, as I might think that is the ONLY time frame you can see me!  (I get too busy at times to chase people).  You can also call me at the phone provided in my ad or this web page (sometimes I have a diffirent ph number when I travel).


Price for private sessions:

60 min £150
90 min £220
2 hrs £300
2.5h    £375
3 h £450


I am also a breathing specialist...

Learning how correct breath, based on science, based on your unique body (not typical known yogic or tantric breaths) can have a deep and profund solution to a stronger and more powerful sexuality. How incorrect breathing can surely have me last longer, but it can also decrese blood circulation and cause other problems, such as erection issues.