A. GoldenFire's bio



About her name; A. Golden Fire Snake.  It was given to her from visions by two of her teacher's from the shamanic tradition, Sweet Medicine, The Deer Lodge.  Golden, representing the golden "orb"/ aura seen around her head.  The Snake in that tradition is a holy symbol for the protector of the children and women.  In the Tantric tradition, it represents the awakening of the Kundalini, and it's power.  Which might be appropriate, since she often awakens people's Kundalini.  That healing energy that purges through the spine.  The Fire, might represent the passion of the sexual Kundalini.  As well as transformative and purging/cleansing energies.  She also was given a Sanskrit name, The White Pure Lotus.  This was before she studied the Red Tantra (the sexual), when she was studying the White Tantra. 

One of her astrological aspects, indicates what she is passionate about : Uranus Conjunct Ascendant:
No one should feel any discomfort with you because you project yourself freely and honestly. Concerned primarily with the future, you are eager to participate in the development of a higher consciousness, which will be the nucleus for the greater awareness of man.

A. was born and raised in Norway, a quite sexually liberated country.  Sexual Tantra, or sacred sexuality, was a very natural path for her, and it became very fun for her to teach people to feel more natural, open and have more delight with their sexuality and their bodies. She begun her spiritual search at the age of 15, and entered a disciplined monastic spiritual life at age 17 through 23 years of age.  She was committed to serve.  Eagerly chanting and praying for often several hours a day.  This was developing the Higher chakras, but the lower ones - especially the sexual centers, was rather neglected.  Something was appearantly missing for her!
She has been involved in the holistic healing field since the age of 17 when she cured herself from chronic back pain and severe fatigue through diet and spiritual work. When coaching and healing; she is looking at the whole person.  She facilitates the integration of the mind, spirit/heart and body.  She's dedicated to regular daily practices to stay attuned. Amongst them are vision quests.  Her current main teachers/teachings are East/West shaman John Milton -- http://sacredpassage.com/.  She's also dedicated on the Sweet Medicine's path, and its Quodoshka, a Native/Toltec/Mayan Sacred Sexuality teaching, as well as HeartMath.org.    A. is also a non-dominational minister.  She cares deeply for every living thing, and loves to be a part of raising the consciousness on this beautiful Blue Planet, Gaia.  She dedicates much of her profit for environmental causes, as she feels that also has an urgency at this time.  She integrates and can draw on any of these modalities:

Gestalt Pelvic Body work (Jack Painter's deep trauma release), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy, Hands on Healing, Embodywork, Wellness and Intimacy Coaching, diet balance, aromatherapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique); Aquatic Massage (Agua Alma), meditation guidance and Sexual Healing.  She’s certified in: NLP / Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing, Agua Alma, Herbology, Reboundology (holistic fitness), Asian sexual Chi massage and Sexual Healing....     For harnessing human potential to its fullest!


More symbolic meanings of snake:


Snakes as Symbols of Initiation
In many dreams a single snake will come to bite you, and you may in fact be bitten after a brief struggle. To your amazement though, you will not die, and may find that the situation is not as bad as you thought. This type of dream can come when you have been fighting for your life with some problem, relationship or challenge. Such a snake-ordeal is an important signal that you are going through a kind of initiation; a psychological and spiritual trial that has the potential to change your life for the better if you deal with it bravely and with a clear heart. You may have to give up something you thought you couldn't, or take a stand for your principles or faith. This type of dream is responsible for the widely held belief that "snakes represent transformation." In my opinion, these dreams state the potential for growth and transformation inherent within a current difficulty. But to harvest this promise, you must walk through your fears and be willing to let go of the old in order to gain the rewards of the future.

Snakes Associated with Death and Afterlife
People who are dying or who have lost a loved one often dream of snakes, at or near the time of death. For whatever reason, these dreams seem involved with the psychic awareness of the transition from this life to the next. You should not be frightened that a dream of snakes means someone is about to die. Under normal circumstances this is not the case. However if your family is touched by loss, or you are near someone during this transition, you may be comforted to know that some deep awareness of the afterlife seems to arouse dreams of snakes at these times.

Snakes as Phallic Symbols
When snakes serve as phallic symbols there tends to be contact with the body in the dream, that is the snake crawls on you, or tries to penetrate some body part, or surrounds you to squeeze you. Sometimes such snakes will bite and then immediately wither and die, replicating the male orgasm and quiescence. In most cases, we have only to consciously consider this possibility to recognize whether it fits your circumstances. I don't believe that all snake contact need be interpreted as sexual in nature. If this does seem to fit your circumstances, then it's likely the dream is highlighting a mixed situation. Becoming consciously aware of both the positives and negatives in your current situation will help you to deal with your options more effectively and confidently.