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The moment you have in your heart this extraordinary thing called love and feel the depth, the delight, the ecstasy of it, you will discover that for you the world is transformed.  
Jiddu Krishnamurti

Coaching and Body Foucused Healing Therapy.


You can simply do a credit card hold, or a PayPal deposit.
Cash preferred. 

I usually require a hold on a credit card (this is NOT a charge), or see notes beneath.
($75 fee pr. hr for cancellations if within 24 hrs of appt).



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If the email form doesn't work for your email system, then email me: Amahata.Golden  at
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1. ALL the time frames you can see me (i.e.: 12/03: 10am-4:40pm and 12/05: 6-9pm. etc.). (My usual hours are 10am-8:30pm):

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3. Where did you find me (referral, Google, which ad:, etc.)?

4.  a)Your ph #, (with any instructions), for me to call you to do the hold on your card etc.. IF not, please provide me with any of the following, as it MIGHT be adequate:

b) A practitioner's ph #, which you have seen more then once (and I can actually verify).
c) Ph # to your work where I can get a hold of a i.e. secretary.

5. Boulder or Denver (I'm mostly in Boulder)?

6. In our Out call?  (If outcall: describe location, and a fee will be added).

Please note if you give me a time frame where I cannot see you (especially on my travels), do get back to me, as I might think that is the ONLY time frame you can see me!  

EMAIL is usually quicker and better for me. But if you have to call - try: 720 - HEART 79  (720-432-7879).


Love Offerings:

Men and Couples:

1.5 hrs suggested time for 1st session:   Donation Suggestion of $240-$350

Learn and experience true Sacred Sexuality or Tantra.  The first step on the journey.
You can also inquire about my creation of the heightened Soma Touch Tantra Massage.

AFTER your 1st session:
1 hr   $185-200   1.5 hrs $260    2 hrs $300  ea additional hr $150

1st session              1.5 hrs $190

ea add. hour $150


Half day retreat: $490
Full day retreat: $ 790
Ask for weekend retreat

 < -- Learn how to receive the FREE Femme a Femme Tantra massage DVD where I am featured.

7th Heaven Series:
$1170 (or pay 3 times of $420)
Series of 9 sessions (to be used within 12 weeks).
Get a deep understanding of Tantra and your energy and how you can use this in your relationship and love making.  
This requires 1 session for 9 consecutive weeks.  Also to get the full benefit from the Oxytocin level (hormone that is deep stress relieving and healing).